We realized that the data we continue to collect has become vital energy.

Artificial Intelligence leads us to understand more and more the use of the most innovative devices to collect data, but less and less awareness of the data collected.

Most companies are bound to a code generated for several years with the impossibility, in many cases, to update the same code and for this reason, while technologies are evolving, more and less less classified and dissociated data continue to be collected. In fact the companies through the I.o.T. (internet of things) they are able to capture any information on people’s profile, but then they are not able to link this information in an I.o.P. (internet of people) context, they practically know how people move but don’t know who these people are.

Data Driven Innovation is feasible only through Data Cleansing which deals with integrating algorithms generated in a Data Heuristic Intelligence and Data Collection context, with the aim of making the function for which the data was collected intrinsic.

The data must be ordered, without inequitable use, little human and artificial, so that the information is not dispersed or backfired against by falling into a sort of technological Middle Ages”.

The data is oil from the Data Economy Gaetano