#Vint Cerf (Google) raises a red flag: “Behind us there is a huge digital desert, another Middle Age time. But if you really care about a photo, print it.”

by Giulia Belardelli L’Huffington Post

One of our greatest issues we are going to face is to find out where our data is going to be stored before having it lost forever.

Digital disruption and AI are evolving in such a light-speed way, while we are barely walking behind. IoT is more and more the favorite channel where data is collected in an exponential way, and quickly being stored throughout a network of objects. But what about us the people, and the Internet of People before the Internet of Things? What can we make of such a ‘Big Data’ without an appropriate classification and validation process of it? We cannot let quantity win over quality, unless we want to be reduced to machines ourselves, so that we will definitely lose the game.

If we don’t know how and where our data will be stored, we won’t be part of the main heuristic process which in the end is ‘understanding.’ That’s why the daily result of such a passive behavior is GI/GO: garbage in, garbage out. We should get a shield, instead, against all that data tsunami, and learn how to make gold out of garbage. Gold is understanding, being aware, in the end, leading in the Data Economy.

In the old times both memory and culture progress were preserved through books. Today, because of such a never-ending ‘Big Data’ process, we should first learn how to classify, validate and restore data in our systems. We should know how to use the most appropriate ‘sift technology’ which starts with ‘data mining’ and ‘data cleansing’, using a ‘heuristic intelligence.’

Before any ‘machine learning’ there must be first a ‘data learning’, and it comes with a ‘sift technology’, which is the result of decades of a world localized semantic learning. That’s been our main goal over the last 30 years: how to pragmatically create and keep updated the world’s largest system of etymologies.

Without such a sifting technology process (heuristic intelligence) to classify big data, AI will create chaos over chaos only. Big Data will mean another Big Babylon again, unless we are going to first and foremost mine and clean our daily big data turning mountains of garbage into a goldmine.

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Unclassified Data is the prelude to the Digital Desert Gaetano